Myofascial Release/Stretch Therapy

Myofascial Release/Strech Therapy

Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds everything in our bodies, not just the muscles. Myo-fascia is a subset of fascia which exists within our muscles.

Myofascial Stretch Therapy is an advanced PAIN-FREE stretching method performed primarily on a stretch table that uses assisted movement to “dance” with the body’s connective tissue and place the client in a deep relaxation. It offers a gateway to a transformed life of enhanced well-being and vitality.


  • Myofascial Strech Therapy is for EVERYONE: It's is for those living with chronic pain issues and those wanting to gain a bit more flexibility as they get older and more prone to injury.
  • It offers various benefits. Enhances athletic performance, improving flexibility, fast pain relief, clearing away muscle stiffness & soreness, better natural body functioning, more energy, better sleep, and general enhancing well-being.
  • It's pain free. Most people may still believe in the idea of “No Pain, No Gain”, particularly when it comes to fitness, sports and athletic conditions, but the truth is that when bracing and holding yourself in a pain posture your tissue tenses the body and creates resistance. When your mind and body are fully relaxed, your tissue will feel like it is just MELTING.
  • It's fun. It is a team work where the therapist engages the client and communicates well throughout the process. It is not a boring chore or a process that the client can't go through without experiencing pain.
  • It is a healing process. Myofascial Strech Therapy doesn't just address symptoms, but gets to the true source of pain by assessing and treating fascial lines, finding the source of the issue and fixing the problem.
  • Posture improvement. It plays a vital role in correcting posture imbalance by targeting fascial restrictions that contribute to poor alignment.
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Our Rates

Effective January 2024
Treatment Time Standard
30 minutes $70
45 minutes $89
60 minutes $110
75 minutes $125
90 minutes $140

Special Remarks

  • Health fund rebate available.

  • Concession card holders and full-time Students are entitled to 15% discount.

  • Gift vouchers are available. The treatment time category should be indicated upon purchase.

  • Multiple treatments cards are available.  When buying 12 treatments of any treatment time category, clients will enjoy 15 treatments.

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